A story of premature birth and the NICU roller coaster

Beautiful moments captured of Preemies

I found this Huffington Post article, , with moments captured in the Nicu. It features parents and their preemies and gives a little blurb on each pic. Its heartwarming and sad. Its also inspirational to those going through that journey and roller coaster ride. I pray each and every preemie makes it home and grows up healthy and happy.

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Its been a long time since I’ve updated/blogged

I haven’t blogged in so long and I need to get back to it. A lot has happened to my family and I over the last few years. As you all know I lost my son back in 2012. I still grieve his loss but I feel he has had a hand in my two blessings/miracles. Since starting this blog I had found out that I have an incompetent cervix. This means I needed to have surgery in my last two pregnancies at 13 weeks gestation.
The surgery is to stitch my cervix closed to increase chances of a full term pregnancy. There are various stitches for this condition and it doesn’t work for everyone. By God’s grace it has worked for me two times. I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to get through two pregnancies. I also had to have progesterone injections weekly from about 19 weeks to about 35 or 36 weeks gestation.  As I’m typing this, I am still shocked and beyond happy and blessed to be blogging about two healthy children. My son is two and a half and my daughter is almost six months old. I joined a few groups on Facebook that deal specifically with incompetent cervix and related issues and child loss groups. They were a big help. I hope everyone reading this is doing well too. I have my hands full these days and some lost sleep but I wouldn’t change it for anything. My son is smart as a whip and my daughters personality is really blossoming and I think she will have a great sense of humor, like her mother of course lol. My son enjoys his ABCS immensely. He’s a fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all things PBS. my daughter is starting her stage 1 foods and she really enjoys them. I will post some info on incompetent cervix, I probably have but I may post more and progesterone injections. Hopefully I will get a chance to blog more. Thank you for reading.

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What is Amniotic Band Syndrome? Congenital Birth Defects


My inspiration

I love this face and he gives me so much inspiration from above. I try to be a better person each day to make him proud even though he’s all the way in heaven.




Cervical cerclage

I had heard about the so called stitch a women can get in the cervix before but I had no clue what it was or that I would ever need one. After my son was born early at 25 weeks, the Doctor diagnosed me with an incompetent cervix. My mom had passed away two years ago so I couldn’t ask her advice on this , but she had this done with my sister. I wish I knew more about these things or that I had at least had more detailed discussions with my mom on this topic. In any case I knew if I was blessed with another pregnancy that I would be having this surgery. To be honest I think my anxiety over what would happen during the procedure was much worse than the procedure itself. The hospital staff was awesome and things went smoothly. The day or two after was a bit harder because of the soreness and me being afraid to sneeze or move the wrong way but I managed to get through it with the help of my husband. I have heard and read the success rate is pretty good with this procedure and I pray the same for myself. Time will tell but I have faith. I pray my son and mom are watching over us. My aunt old me before she died earlier last year that she knew my sister and I would have children. I felt good knowing she felt so confident and I know she’s watching over us as well. She told me to watch myself, take extra care and make sure the doctors watched me closely. This was a mirror to my mothers advice before she passed away. So I feel lucky to have three angels watching over me. After much rest and prayers I am hopeful for this pregnancy. If anyone has had any experience with cerclage or progesterone shots I would love your feedback. I feel I’ve strained my eyes reading up on the topic but I am always looking for personal experiences and feedback. Finally we are thrilled and excited for our future but also nervous and cautious. I will update you again soon.


First trimester screening, Down’s syndrome vs false positive

I was told the first trimester screening was mandatory by my OBGYN. I had it done and the sonogram came out fine but the blood work drastically increased the chances of my baby being born with Downs Syndrome. This was a trying time for my husband and I . We knew we wouldn’t abort but we were afraid we weren’t going to be able to raise the baby with all the complications that can come with Downs Syndrome. We wanted to know as much as we could about our baby’s future. I was considered high risk after this and had a few extra tests and sonograms. I also had to go to a Pediatric Cardiologist for a sonogram to see if the baby’s heart was ok. They look for certain things with Downs Syndrome. The baby was perfect, no markers for downs on the sonogram. When I went to the high risk specialist for the anomaly screening, it showed nothing of note . This was awesome for two reasons: 1. The chance of my baby having downs, in my mind, was slim to none.(dr said he looks fine) 2. The Dr was horribly rude, after saying the baby was fine he suggested the amniocentesis as a precaution because he said nothing is 100 percent, while I appreciate his thoroughness, when I politely declined, he said you have limited time to change your mind…ok…I said thank you but not at this time, he got mad and said FINE, then threw a towel at me and said clean yourself up, and stormed out. In any event I heard from a few friends and family that said they all had false positives with boys(this was the day I found out my baby was a boy). This made me wonder if there was something in my family medical history that caused this false positive or was this test really unreliable. If you have any experience or knowledge on the topic please let me know. Either way I think it’s important to test for anything that could impact the baby medically. I also think maybe they should revisit what the test should be for this.