A story of premature birth and the NICU roller coaster

My son will be One…..where did the time go???

on August 6, 2014


This is a bitter sweet milestone for us. My “rainbow” baby is going to be one this weekend. We are having a zoo animals theme. I got plenty of decorations and ordered special zoo animal cookies too. We are so blessed and honored to be parents again and to celebrate such a big milestone. At the same time, I feel sad because we never got to do the same for Saif. I imagine him helping his lil brother blowing out candles and opening presents. I imagine him running around, he would be 3. He would have made an amazing big brother. We celebrated his birthdays at the cemetery of course but I firmly believe he will be watching over his lil brothers birthday party. I always feel like he’s here for these kinds of things, if only in my mind or heart. We keep his pictures and some of his things around to help us feel him and keeping his memory alive. I hope he is happy with how we have remembered him. Well, we hope to have an amazing celebration this weekend. Hopefully I can load some pictures.


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