A story of premature birth and the NICU roller coaster

We were blessed with a new life

on October 18, 2013

I haven’t posted in so long , but I have a few minutes between diapers and feeding to share the good news with you. I had my baby boy over the summer and he has kept me busy. Lots of dirty diapers and sleepless nights but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I had to give up my job but that’s a post all on its own but everything happens for a reason I believe. I had a mostly normal pregnancy thanks to the awesome doctor who kept a close eye on me this time around. I found its best to see the same dr or nurse practitioner throughout the pregnancy. I had some spotting early on which happened last time as well. I am almost positive now that my job activities were a large part of this issue and of course the hormones in my body and how they work or don’t work for that matter. I used Happy Pregnancy cream which is a bio identical progesterone cream which I feel is literally a lifesaver. The doctor gave me a cervical cerclage at 13 weeks, which thank God didn’t cause me any issues, and held up well till 37 weeks (when it was taken out in the office). It was not a great feeling taking it out but not horrible either. Also from about 20 weeks I got progesterone injections into my buttocks…ouch. They can be quite painful overtime but definitely worth it since I made it to 39 weeks and 1 day. Also I had to test my blood sugar daily after the blood glucose test was not kind to me. The progesterone shots may be to blame as the hormones cause the gestational diabetes to rear it’s ugly head. I managed this by diet which was tough when you have cravings but thank God I made it through just fine. I woke up on August 9th and used the restroom to discover my water leaking. I was excited but scared out of my mind. At 7am I went to the hospital to find I was 4cm dilated. I was thrilled that I made it there this time around and that I was full term. Honestly my labor was mild..the nurse couldn’t believe how well I was tolerating the contractions. I couldn’t believe it either but to be honest my cycle is more painful so I was lucky not to struggle…yet. As time went on I started to stall at about 7cm so the broke my water completely to help things along and the dreaded talk of pitocin(spelling?) came up. Up till now I was going it au natural and planned on staying this route.after talking to the doctor the nurse started pitocin and I got to 9cm ,although with back labor and the effect of pitocin, my contractions became so strong and back to back. I chickened out at this point and my gut told me to get the epidural. I was disappointed in myself but I’m glad I made this choice. It was about this time my doctor came to check on me to find out the baby was in distress and the nurse knew but whoever called the shots didn’t tell my doctor. She was pissed and yelled at the staff and called for an emergency c section. God works in mysterious ways because had I not gotten that epidural I would have wasted precious time. The doctor was awesome and made the right call because my poor son had the cord wrapped around his neck twice. Thank God he came out perfect. When I heard his cry..I cried and I was in shock and thanking God for this little miracle. I was dead set again drugs or surgery but it most definitely was Gods will to keep us both safe. As a side note you should take the drugs as ordered post operation. I was going to try and go with a lower dose and I learned the hard way that you need the drugs. A fill in nurse(short staffed…my luck sucks) took over one night for this awesome nurse I was supposed to have, and she forgot my medicine after I only took a half dose. Well I asked five times for the meds and if you know me, I don’t take meds if I can avoid them , but this girl never brought them and after almost ten hours of asking for the meds finally someone else brought them. It turns out not only did she forget me but she offered the meds to the wrong patient. To cover her mistake she told the charge nurse I was asking for them to soon. If nearly ten hours in between meds is too soon, well pardon me for asking. I cried and almost couldn’t make it to the bathroom and back, which was only a few painful feet from my bed,but alas I did make it. Despite this I am grateful for the other nurses and my doctor for the awesome care. Well I have to go now as my son beckons for his lunch but I will update or add to this post when I have more time. Thanks for letting me share my experiences with you.


2 responses to “We were blessed with a new life

  1. mmmarzipan says:

    Oh my gosh! What a roller coaster you’ve been on! Brave, brave mama! I am so sorry you had that experience with that negligent nurse… and the emergency c-section scare/pain too (I relate… my first som was born in the same way), but so glad that you got your little man in your arms, full term and safe & sound! Sending love to you all x

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