A story of premature birth and the NICU roller coaster

Cervical cerclage

on March 3, 2013

I had heard about the so called stitch a women can get in the cervix before but I had no clue what it was or that I would ever need one. After my son was born early at 25 weeks, the Doctor diagnosed me with an incompetent cervix. My mom had passed away two years ago so I couldn’t ask her advice on this , but she had this done with my sister. I wish I knew more about these things or that I had at least had more detailed discussions with my mom on this topic. In any case I knew if I was blessed with another pregnancy that I would be having this surgery. To be honest I think my anxiety over what would happen during the procedure was much worse than the procedure itself. The hospital staff was awesome and things went smoothly. The day or two after was a bit harder because of the soreness and me being afraid to sneeze or move the wrong way but I managed to get through it with the help of my husband. I have heard and read the success rate is pretty good with this procedure and I pray the same for myself. Time will tell but I have faith. I pray my son and mom are watching over us. My aunt old me before she died earlier last year that she knew my sister and I would have children. I felt good knowing she felt so confident and I know she’s watching over us as well. She told me to watch myself, take extra care and make sure the doctors watched me closely. This was a mirror to my mothers advice before she passed away. So I feel lucky to have three angels watching over me. After much rest and prayers I am hopeful for this pregnancy. If anyone has had any experience with cerclage or progesterone shots I would love your feedback. I feel I’ve strained my eyes reading up on the topic but I am always looking for personal experiences and feedback. Finally we are thrilled and excited for our future but also nervous and cautious. I will update you again soon.


6 responses to “Cervical cerclage

  1. mmmarzipan says:

    Firstly, HUGE congrats to you! I am so happy your rainbow appeared… and now I wish you the happiest, healthiest of pregnancies! How far along are you now?
    I am so sorry your have had to worry about the cerclage procedure, but very glad it went well. I know of another wp blogger who had this procedure done (and for the same reasons as you). I know of other mums on BabyCenter who have had it done also… and quite a few women there who have had to have progesterone shots also. Where I live shots are not common, but I had to use progesterone cream for the first month or so of both my pregnancies. Looking forward to your next update and hoping life is treating you kindly in the meantime. All the best and big hugs xx

    • saifsmom2012 says:

      I am almost 18 weeks and God willing it will be great from here on out. It’s been a bumpy road so far but I got my first shot today and I’m optimistic. I’m very excited but all the while nervous. My sister is also expecting a month before me which is really exciting. At first I was jealous but very happy for her and now we are going through something so big together. I have been praying and thinking positively as much as possible. My Dr told me today she thinks bed rest has been a key factor for me so far. I’m thrilled for you and your new baby. I hope you will post more pics soon.

      • mmmarzipan says:

        Sooooo happy for you! 18 weeks is fabulous! MASSIVE congrats. I honestly think that strategic bed rest helped save us… it’s tough, but I never had a doubt that it was for the best… and of course it is so worth it :D. Looking forward to following your journey! x

      • saifsmom2012 says:

        The dr said things look good so far thank God. They are sending me back to work but she said as the baby grows she’s going to keep a close eye on me. She may take me back out of work. It will be nice to be around people again but I am nervous. I don’t want to overdo it. One thing that was upsetting was my dr said ….and what are you dealing with at home…I said what do you mean? She said… your little one how old is he? I almost passed out but I know she probably honestly forgot ….I said I don’t have anything at home. Then she matter of fact like said …oh that’s right your baby passed away. I felt like yelling at her and saying….try being sensitive, read your notes but I know she didn’t mean to be insensitive. It hurt my heart but it was not intentional. Anyway I hope your doing well with your new bundle of joy.

  2. kastreet says:

    Wishing you much luck with your rainbow! I will be getting a TVC placed if I ever get my rainbow. I opted out of the TAC and I will be getting the 17p shots as well.

    • saifsmom2012 says:

      So far the dr said all is well so thank God for that. The shots so far are not to bad. They cause a but of irritable bowel and burning at injection site but its only lasted the first day of the shot then disappeared. I hope you get your rainbow too.

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