A story of premature birth and the NICU roller coaster

7 month old died, the victim of a drunk driver, mother in hospital

on December 2, 2012


This poor little girl ,Baylee, was out with her mother at about 9am in the morning, when a drunk driver collided with their vehicle. Baylee’s mom was hospitalized and poor Baylee became an angel. A Senseless tragedy, and right before the holidays. I know the feeling of Child loss obviously, but for it to happen in this way, by a drunk driver in the morning…..I just can’t wrap my head around it. This poor family, I pray for them at this time. Sadly this isn’t the first or last of such tragedies. I don’t even know what to do or say but I felt this story needed to be shared. I’m deeply saddened for this baby and her family. I don’t know why the girl that hit their car was drunk at that hour of the morning. I wonder what her life must have been like to be on the road like that. I feel her living through this unharmed is going to be torture enough. She will have to live everyday knowing what she did. I pray nobody else has to suffer loss at all in a tragic way…wishful thinking I know but it is my greatest hope.


3 responses to “7 month old died, the victim of a drunk driver, mother in hospital

  1. mmmarzipan says:

    What a heartbreaking story 😦 Just terrible

  2. Judy says:

    The world holds so much tragedy. I try not to think about it or I weep throughout my day. I am so sorry for the loss of your child. I write a lot about grief, but have little to tell you that you don’t know. There is so much anguish, but I have found that writing my blog really helped me with my grief. So keep writing.

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