A story of premature birth and the NICU roller coaster

White Coat Confessions: Readers Digest…..If you’ve ever lost a loved one due to medical error or have been a victim of medical error PLEASE READ

on November 15, 2012

Today while I was at work a coworker said she found this Readers Digest laying around in the break room. She began to skim through it and she came across the article “White Coat Confessions”. She ended up being drawn to this article and after reading it she said she knew she had to show it to me. She said “this sounds like some of the things they did to your baby”. It upset me and moved me to repost it every place I could think to, so as to make more people aware of the things that I saw occur first hand when my mom was almost killed by drs and when my son WAS killed by drs. People think I’m dramatic or grieving with misguided anger or just plain crazy but this stuff DOES happen. Unfortunately Drs and hospital staff are schooled in not documenting errors, hiding them by documenting things as happening without incident or creating a paper trail of diagnosis or medical jargon to back up their sometimes fatal errors, made to look like they are justified in what they did. This article touched on so many things that happened to my son that I can’t help but feel God himself sent this Readers Digest my way via my coworker. The date of this Readers Digest is October 2010 mind you, today is November 15 2012. What are the odds of this old issue laying around for so long? Yes my son was born prematurely ,and this puts him at great risk for serious complications up to and including death, but when he was supposed to be coming home within the month ,after making great strides, then suddenly strange things started happening….I know in my heart they killed him. This makes it hard for my husband and I to move past anger. We were told things and saw with our own eyes, the truth of my sons health status day by day ,and after receiving what little records we could, that were altered, and then his death certificate was amended yet nobody including the city, the funeral director or the hospital can get us a copy of the original which we saw and signed….it just SUCKS because we know what happened but we can’t prove it. We have been to over 15 lawyers and nobody will touch a case where there is so much covered up. There were some amazing nurses and Doctors there that helped my son tremendously but a few didn’t see him as a valid human being and decided to cover up medical errors and kill him. I was even told, after overhearing a conversation that I confirmed, that sometimes they need space for new patients so they either move or discharge to early. They also had at least one other death in the room my son was in a week after he died and about a handful of others that were discharged early only to be admitted again to the pediatric icu because they were to sick to go home . I hope you will read this article that I posted the link for, it will be eye opening to some and just confirming others suspicions. I hope my husband and I can do something to raise awareness on this topic, something that will really help. For now, all I can say is stay informed about your own health. You can definitely assign a healthcare proxy in the event you need someone to make your medical decisions in the future, but be aware that a DOCTOR told my husband and I if they disagree with the proxy they just document the proxy wasn’t around or wasn’t of sound mind and they do what they want. Sometimes the drs really do know best but sometimes they are just in a rush or their egos take over and you needlessly loose a loved one.



2 responses to “White Coat Confessions: Readers Digest…..If you’ve ever lost a loved one due to medical error or have been a victim of medical error PLEASE READ

  1. mmmarzipan says:

    I truly hope you find both peace and justice. I cannot imagine what you have been/are going through. It’s just horrific :(. Thinking of you!

  2. saifsmom2012 says:

    I just was watching tv with my husband and the episode is about an overdose of heparin . I can’t help but think this is a sign from God. This is probably the third or fourth time including this article that this has come up. The signs are all there. I can’t help but wonder if there is anything I can do with this info. All I can do is blog about it at this point.

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