A story of premature birth and the NICU roller coaster

on November 7, 2012

This is a great time to take a moment and think about Prematurity Awareness, it’s very prevalent and important to be aware of the stats. Get informed, I wish I had more knowledge before my son was born.

Prematurity is the leading killer of America’s newborns and contributes significantly to lifelong disabilities and health problems including:

  • cerebral palsy
  • intellectual disabilities
  • chronic lung disease
  • blindness
  • hearing loss

1 in 8 babies are born too soon. Each year, 13 million preemies are born worldwide. More newborns die from premature birth than any other cause. In up to 40 percent of cases, the cause of prematurity is unknown.  March of Dimes researchers are seeking the causes of prematurity as a step toward developing effective ways to prevent it.

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  1. mmmarzipan says:

    Keep sharing the important info! I had no idea about some of these statistics

    • saifsmom2012 says:

      I wish I had known beforehand but the best I can do now is send this info out. One thing that sticks with me ,is my Dr had just told me ,about a week and a half before Saif came, that when you have cramps to drink water and lay on your left side, then if pain goes away it isn’t labor. Well I wish she hasn’t said that because I think I would have gone to the hospital at the first sign of cramps. They were so minuscule and nothing like what I expected to feel. It didn’t alert me since the pain did in fact go away, but alas Saif came so quick. The labor and delivery told me ,in my case ,it wouldn’t have mattered much. She said they would have sent me home anyway. I hope that’s true because I feel guilty everyday thinking, what if I had gone in to the hospital two days earlier. They give you steroids to help the babies lungs but she reassured me they wouldn’t have had time in my case to be of any use. Nonetheless I still beat myself up over it, then I have to give myself a pep talk. I’ve learned in life that I don’t follow the usual and customary way of things no matter how hard I try. I also try to think that maybe Saif had other issues which would not be conducive to a healthy happy life after what he went through. So to say that maybe he was born the healthiest a preemie can be but the treatments he needed and the organ systems being underdeveloped as they were, he just couldn’t handle anymore. Not to mention I think in the last month or so it was apparent things that were done caused brain damage, and so I keep telling myself God knows better and I have to accept this. A work in progress. Sorry for the loooong response.

    • Melissa says:

      That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thnska!

  2. mmmarzipan says:

    Oh my gosh- don’t apologise! You need to talk about all of this! And this is your blog! Wow- that’s so interesting that your doctor told you about the laying down/drinking water thing as I have been told the same thing too (not just by doctors but by women on the SCH support board that I am a member of). Women with SCH are at a higher risk of preterm labour so it has been one of my big concerns since the diagnosis. I can totally understand why you’re left questioning now, but really you were not given ALL the information… and as a non medical person (I am assuming you are not, but correct me if I am wrong) you had no choice but to trust what you were being told by professionals. Thank you again for sharing your deeply personal and extremely heart wrenching story in the hopes that others will find empathy or be made aware of issues such as the ones you’ve faced. You are doing something very positive with Saif’s legacy. And I hope you find peace with everything too x

    • saifsmom2012 says:

      I’m not a medical person but I enjoy reading up on medical issues. I know being hydrated is key don’t get me wrong but it’s just in that instance I should have been more alarmed. Thank you for listening it really helps. I have found a few more blogs and Facebook pages for child loss. It’s nice to have a place the share this stuff.

      • mmmarzipan says:

        I enjoy reading up too… and especially anything that comes to TTC/pregnancy/birth etc. I guess all of that stuff has taken up an unusually large place in my life for various reasons. But I am so glad you have been able to expand your support network, get the word out, share your story… I truly believe this is part of your healing process and also a great way to honour your beautiful son.

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