A story of premature birth and the NICU roller coaster

Breast feeding is key to better outcome for babies,especially preemies

on September 22, 2012

Breast is best they say, and it protects from many things like Necrotizing Entercolitis . I pumped from day one until the last day my baby lived. I was told this was best and I agree. Unfortunately more than once my milk was lost or wasted in the nicu formula lab. Once maybe an accident but why at least three times this happened that I know of. I feel this impacted my sons outcome because he got horribly ill around the time my milk disappeared the second time. I was told a few different stories but till this day it makes me sick wondering if this in effect helped my sons death come .

Belly Bump

by Stacey Lynn Photography
It is a special honor for me to work with Mom’s with premature babies. These woman have a journey more difficult than I can imagine. As a woman’s labor and delivery nurse, my major focus for them after delivery is to get that baby as much breastmilk as possible. Breastmilk makes the difference in life and death for some preemies; the difference between sickness and health for many preemies; and the difference between optimal outcomes, and suboptimal outcomes for 99% of babies. Breastfeeding a premature baby is extremely challanging, and extremely important.Research indicates that later milk volume is impacted by how soon after birth mom begins to stimulate her breasts. Thus pumping promptly after birth promotes milk production for preemies, or any baby who is separated from mom after birth. Anytime a baby cannot be skin-to-skin on mom directly after birth, the natural breastfeeding process is interrupted. The…

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